The funds department of Raveh Haber & Co. has unique expertise in the field of investment fund formation, co-investment agreements, feeders, and complex investment structures for international real estate transactions (debt and equity). Additionally, the department is experienced in representing institutional investors in major international investments in multifamily apartment complexes, offices and retails complexes, as well as in representing public companies in their international investments in real estate. Such representation includes providing solutions to regulatory and other legal issues which are unique to these types of investments, as well as cooperation with and supervision of local legal advisors and other service providers. The firm’s team has a unique specialization in examining aspects (including tax aspects) of international real estate financing agreements and real estate management agreements which are relevant for its clients, such as property management agreements and other agreement with local managers.

In recent years the firm represented various clients in complex international real estate transactions, including, inter alia:

  • The public Electra Group, in forming and supporting investment structures in multifamily apartment complexes in the United States through private equity funds and mezzanine funding. This matter required adapting the structure of private equity funds to a public company, and special expertise in tax and regulation.
  • Big Shopping Centers Ltd., in its investment in retail centers in the United States and in Europe.
  • Groups which specialize in forming “feeder” investment structures for the purpose of making specific investments in multiple multifamily apartment complexes and retail centers in the United States, such as Buligo Capital Partners Group and M1 Capital Group.
  • The American Naftali Group, in forming and operating mezzanine funds and funds which specialize in real estate investments in the East Coast.
  • Israeli institutional investors (including pension and provident funds, insurance company and investment banking subsidiaries of Israeli banks) investing in foreign funds or complex international real estate transactions (in the UK, Romania, Poland, the United States and more).
  • Trinova Group, in forming and operating a real estate fund which is located in the UK.
  • Argo Group, which raises funds in Israel for investments in infrastructure funds in the United States.